It was created in 1990 by Natalia Anna Wieczerzyńską who prepared the dances and costumes of her design. Since 1992, already two groups have operated . The band graced the cultural events in the city but also participated in contests and reviews. The most important achievements are  e.g.  the first soloist prize by Anna Kraczkowska at the Provincial Review of disco dance and award for the team in 1997. In 2002, two  modern dance groups, two dance clubs and youth group aerobics were in place.

Since 2006, the tutor and  the choreographer of JANET group has been a long-time dancer Aneta Adamiec. Since 2009, the group has been working in two age groups of older and younger children. They  present their dances during festivals and events, such as Children’s Day, Imieniny Pana Jana, Grandparents Day, Sweet St. Claus Day. Dances are a mixture of hip-hop, disco and jazz. In their artistic output they have already gained achievements: the third prize at the Review Formation Dance STREET DANCE LIPSKO 2010,  the third place in the fifteenth Review of Children Creativity Lipsko, 2011.